How can a Job be set as recurring?

If you need a job to be repeated after a particular time then you don't need to create that job repeatedly, you can set that job or add the job as Recurring job.

Select the Job that you want to set as recurring job, then Overview from the header, select the Add Recurring Job tab.

Clicking on Add Recurring job will open a Recurring job pop up with easy selection option to set the job(s)timing.

Here you need to fill out the details. you can set the job to be repeated daily, weekly, monthly with easy selection.

Set the day(s) for a job to be repeated and the range of Recurrence i.e. starting date and the end date for a job. You can also set the job with no end date here

You will see a message box below showing the information of the job that you set.

After setting up all the details, click on the Save button, and it will show you a success alert.