How do I add a new job from Scheduler?

Select the Scheduler from the hamburger menu.

You can add a new job by clicking double on the date and time on which you want to assign new job to a fieldworker.

Double click on the date will display a Add New Job pop up with sections like Job Details, Clients Details, Schedule Details with some fields on the screen.

Add the Job Type/Services from the Job Type/Services drop down. It is mandatory field.

*Note: You must fill out all fields marked with an asterisk before saving.

After Selecting the job Type/Services, move to other fields

If you want to Add the Description of the job, type the text in Job Description field.

You can set the job priority as High, Medium, Low according to you from the Job Priority drop down.

After filling the job details, move to client section and fill the details like Client, Address, Country, State etc.

Moving to Schedule Details, fill the details regarding it.

Here, you will see the Fieldworker (s) field to select the fieldworkers to assign the job.

You can select the fieldworkers from the list or can search particular fieldworker by typing two letters of their name.

After selecting the fieldworkers from the list use the arrow buttons to filter the fieldworkers.

If you want to assign the job to a single fieldworker then you can use the single arrow filter

It will move the single selected fieldworker to assign the job and move to assign to section.

You can also move all the fieldworkers to assign the job using the arrow, it will move all the fieldworkers to assign to section.

After selecting the fieldworkers, You can Schedule the start date, start time and end date, end time for the job.

You can also add the tags in Tag(s) field.

After filling all details, select the Save button.

It will show you the success alert, that means your job has been added successfully.