How do I setup Xero account in EyeOnTask?

The integration of Xero with EyeOnTask enables you to keep your Clients, Payments and Invoices Up to date and in sync, You can import your existing Clients from Xero into EyeOnTask and vice versa.

Go to the main menu and you will see the Settings option.Select it.

After selecting the Settings option Select Integrations here, you will find three options to integrate with Quickbooks, Paypal and Xero

Go to the third option.

After selecting third option you will have to click on the button Connect To Xero

Clicking on Connect to Xero button will take you to the login page of Xero

After successful login you will be redirected to the Xero account to select the organization for which you need to sync the data to and from Xero.

Select the organization for which you need to sync the data and allow access

After selecting the Organization you will be redirected to the EyeOnTask's page where you will find the button to Enable Integration with Xero

Clicking on the button Enable Integration will take you to the screen where you will have options to Sync your clients, your Invoices and Payments.

Syncing of clients is a two way process wherein you can sync the clients of EyeOnTask to Xero and from Xero to EyeOnTask

Select the clients you want to sync to Xero from the list and press the Sync To Xero button

You will see the selected clients synced to your Xero's Contacts tab

Similarly to sync your clients from Xero to EyeOnTask you can press the Sync From Xero button

Syncing of Invoice and Payments is a one way process i.e you can Sync your Invoices and Payments from EyeOnTask to Xero only.

Note:Firstly you need to sync your clients from EyeOnTask to Xero, only then you will have the invoices and payments of that client available in the Invoice and Payment tabs to sync to Xero , otherwise you will not see any invoice or payments listed in the respective tabs.

Sync your invoices from EyeOnTask to Xero

Sync your payment made for invoices from EyeOnTask to Xero

After syncing process is over for one company you can press the back arrow and go to the previous page where you can press the Disconnect button and move on to sync the clients, invoices and payments of another organization or close the syncing process.