How do I create a New Lead?

The Home screen shows the hamburger menu at the left part of the screen.

Go to: The hamburger menu and you will see the second option of the menu, which is Leads.

You will see two tabs on the top left i.e., Table View and Add Lead, select Add Lead here.

Clicking on Add Lead will open a pop up on the screen.

You need to enter the three starting alphabets of the added client's name here, the client's information will be auto filled such as Email Id, Mobile No, Address, City and Zip Code.

And for adding new client, simply fill in the information.

Select the Job Type/Services from the drop down.

You can fill extra details for the lead like Reference By, Add Lead Description and attach documents related to the lead.

*Note: You must fill out all fields marked with an asterisk before saving.

Save the Lead with the button Save or click on the More Options button for adding more information to the lead.

Selecting the Add Action button allows you to Create An Appointment, Job, Quote, Audit or add Comment for a Lead you recently are going to create.

And clicking on More Options button will open an Add Lead pop up with more input fields.

Fill in the additional information for the lead and save it.

Success Alert means a new Lead has been added and will appear on the list on the top.